I has Drobo

I has Drobo
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As of August 30th, I’m a proud owner of a Drobo 2G. It currently holds two 500GB hard drives for 460GB of protected space, and I’ll probably need to add a 1TB hard drive in the next 3-6 months.

The protective skin was still on when I took this. Since then, I’ve removed it.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. Cat whisperer. Sometimes, a photographer and card magician.

3 thoughts on “I has Drobo”

  1. How do you like it? I think my 500 GB Raid array of 2 drives may have failed. I had all of my iTunes content on there, so will not be a happy camper if I can’t resurrect it.


  2. @ Nick:

    I’m still loving it after a week. I’ve been working the Lightroom catalogs and photos directly from it just fine. It’s about 2 feet in front of me, above my head, and I’m not bothered by the noise at all.

    I need to write a more thorough, real-world, review, huh?

    I hope you can salvage your iTunes content. =/


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