Great, now I need a cell phone

Around 11am this morning, I noticed that I wasn’t getting anymore Twitter updates. I tried to make phone calls and nothing would go through. I took the battery out, let it sit there, and tried again. Nothing. My cell phone won’t get a signal anymore. To make matters worse, I don’t have insurance on it.

So, don’t call or send text messages. I’ll only check for voicemail messages a few times throughout the day. Email is your only bet. If you need to, leave me your number and I’ll call back from a landline.

[Idea] Hey, Verizon Wireless! Can you send me a phone to review until November 17, 2008? That’s when I can upgrade my mom’s phone and I could use her old phone. Or, if you can help out a faithful customer by sending me a refurb, that would be great, too.

This hurts.

Update 6:55am 9/5/08 – Weird. My phone is back to normal? Yay for now, but I’m going to assume it’s gonna do this again.

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6 thoughts on “Great, now I need a cell phone”

  1. just buy a crappy one on ebay – like $30 or so. That’s what I did until I could upgrade. and go to verizon and see what the problem is. even if you don’t have insurance, they may be willing to check it out for ya.


  2. @ Sarah:

    I’m looking, but I’m hoping one of my friends has their old one. I actually lent my old one out last year because of the same thing.

    I actually did call VZW tech support and after some troubleshooting, there’s nothing they could do.


  3. Son, it is time to join the Dark Side….

    Quit Verizon, get a Sim Chip through AT&T or T-Mobile, email our friends at WOM World and stop messing around with a shitty carrier like V.

    Get a real Phone.



  4. @ Ms. Jen:

    The majority of my friends use Verizon Wireless, so it wouldn’t be effective to switch. Aside from this, I get a better signal with them at home than AT&T.

    Even if I did want to switch, I’m still under contract. No way I’ll pay the ETF.


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