Would you build a light tent?

I got an email a couple days ago from a friend, referring to a possible customer (his boss) that needs items photographed for their side business. The photos need to be in a “studio-like setting.” So, I looked for an DIY article explaining how to build a light box (also called a light tent).

Digital Photography School is at the top of Google search results with “How to Make A Inexpensive Light Tent.”

I didn’t plan on doing this regularly. However, if I could get more customers that’d need this service:

  1. I’d offset the cost of the light tent, and
  2. It’d be another way to generate a little income.

Problem: I don’t have any free space in my apartment, so I don’t know where I’d store the light tent.

Please give me your opinion – what would you do?

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. Cat whisperer. Sometimes, a photographer and card magician.

4 thoughts on “Would you build a light tent?”

  1. @Blackstock (Jeff) – It’s going to be a full catalog of various gift baskets. I’m definitely going to build it with a cardboard box and paper.

    I guess I could collapse it afterward. I could also just store the lights in our garage storage box or something.

    Thanks for the input!


  2. look on ebay- search “soft box light tent”, you will find kits with lights and carrying cases. tents from 12″-32″, and bigger; for under $100. or build one from a box, for a one time deal, and save $50. buy cheap desk lights (with wide rims- lowes and HD have em for $11 each) and strong “white” florescent energy saver bulbs.
    go for it!


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