Zorro (261/366)

I’m sort of joining Thomas Hawk with his $2 portrait project, but knocking it down to $1, like Justin Korn. (I’m a struggling student.) I know I did $2 last Saturday, but I can’t do that on a regular basis.

While walking to Pershing Square station, Sergio [last name withheld] came up to me asking for 4 cents. (Seriously.)

I told him about my project and he quickly hopped onto the ledge to pose for me like this.

Afterwards, he told me to let him know where the photo would be on the internet. So, I took out my index cards and pen, then asked him to write down his email address.

He scribbled nothing legible, except 1-310 (the Los Angeles area code), then handed it back to me.

I asked him his name, and he said, “Sergio…Zorro…[last name withheld]”. Some of his other buddies were laughing (not in the photo).

“Okay, Zorro, take care, man.”

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. Cat whisperer. Sometimes, a photographer and card magician.

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