Buying prints from your favorite photographers

When Jim posted this photo project, I knew I had to participate. Without the inspirational photographers, I’d be in a world of hurt.

Brian Auer is one of the first photographers that I thought of. He’s such a trooper, willing to drive long distances just to photowalk. Plus, he’s an awesome friend who has always been willing to help me with whatever photography questions I have.

I asked Brian if we could swap prints and…he was planning on asking me already. Hilarious!

I scoured his Flickr photostream. I had several selections, but after a lot of thought, I chose “Wide Open” for my first print.

“Wide Open” by Brian Auer – View on Flickr

Look at that. Glorious! Of course, it doesn’t compare to a print.

I asked him for a 10″ by 15″ print because I knew the cost of framing would get ridiculous exponentially. Rather than mailing it, we scheduled a photowalk so he could deliver it personally. I had Mpix send the print directly to him, but he wanted it signed.

Which of my photos did he want?

Like a herd o' cattle
“Like a herd ‘o cattle” by Bryan Villarin – View on Flickr
Buy this print

After our Venice Beach photowalk, we went back to Brian’s car so he could give me his print. I also signed my print. There’s something euphoric about signing a print, I’m not sure why.

Nathaniel and Jay were also there because their car was nearby — they loved how the prints looked.

I talked to a few other photographers about swapping prints, especially the ones at that photowalk. Money is tight, but this won’t be my last print.

Remember – “It’s not a photo until it’s a print.”

Thanks for bring this project to our attention, Jim!

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Bryan works at Automattic. Cat whisperer. Sometimes, a photographer and card magician.

3 thoughts on “Buying prints from your favorite photographers”

  1. love the statement, it’s not a photo until it’s a print… I have probably taken hundreds of thousands of photos at this point and only seem a hand full of prints of my work, always a neat thing to see it on paper.


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