Photos of a No on Prop 8 peaceful protest

Prop 8 peaceful protest (305/366)
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Public Counsel[1. Yes, I work there. We oppose Prop 8.] and API Equality (LA) were having a peaceful protest on Wilshire and Normandie in Los Angeles in the late afternoon of Halloween.

After I finished at work, I lingered with the demonstrators to take some photos before going to the subway.

The majority of my coworkers had already left since they were out there for an hour. But, lots of people from API Equality LA were still there. So, I started snapping.

Prop 8 peaceful protest
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I wanted to capture the enthusiasm and energy of these protesters. I think I did pretty well.

People passing by made a few glances but didn’t exchange any words. There were several security guards on bicycles, watching and making sure nothing got nasty. Lots of cars, vans and trucks honked as they drove by.

One of the people in charge gathered everyone around so I could take a group photo. I didn’t get a chance to identify myself until he thanked me for taking photos. I gave him my business card, took a few more photos, then headed home.

Prop 8 peaceful protest
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Trying to abide by one of the rules of photojournalism[2. Or something like that.], I didn’t modify any of these photos[3. Except for slight cropping.].

*** You may view the photos at this Flickr photoset. API Equality LA also loved the photos, so I allowed them to display the photos on their website.

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