Photowalking around Los Angeles with Broderick Smylie tomorrow

Broderick Smylie is a photographer I’ve been following for awhile. He also uses a Canon EOS 40D, so he’s a friend. 🙂

He flew all the way from Atlanta just to hang out and photowalk around Los Angeles with me. What a guy![1. Okay, not the only reason. He’s got friends scattered all over Southern California – I’m just one of them, that’s all.]

Broderick likes street photography, so we’ll definitely visit Hollywood and Highland (one of my favorite spots.) I’ll pick several other stops off the Metro Red Line route, plus wander around Union Station.

I’d also say Venice Beach or Santa Monica, but I think it depends on his time constraints.

If you’ve got absolutely nothing to do tomorrow and need to take some photos, email me and hang out with us!

Broderick Smylie is a lifestyle photographer based in Atlanta, GA. Visit his main website,, foto 404 (photoblog), Flickr account (kajjers), and Twitter (kajatl).

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