Behind on viewing Flickr contacts

I’m overwhelmed with so many awesome Flickr friends and contacts. If you don’t upload photos on a regular basis, you’ll get shoved into page two.

I wish Flickr had a RSS feed for all your contacts. Can’t they integrate Yahoo Pipes with Flickr somehow?

It’s tedious to create imaginary friends on FriendFeed.

I guess I need to open each of my contacts’ photostreams, click the “Latest feed” RSS link, then organize it in Google Reader.

You can slap me for whining if there’s no other way. But, do you know something about this that I don’t?

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. Cat whisperer. Sometimes, a photographer and card magician.

7 thoughts on “Behind on viewing Flickr contacts”

  1. No, it doesn’t. It shows the latest photo of every contact though. I have that feed set up in my FeedReader, updated about every 15 minutes. So ultimately, the latest photo of every batch that a contact uploads shows up in my reader. That’s quite a lot to keep track of 🙂


  2. Mine seems to get 5 most recent, which is similar to the contacts page on Flickr. So it works out to be almost every photo from my contacts. For most of my contacts, who don’t upload large batches at once, it works great. The best part is if I miss a few days they will still be there in my feed reader waiting for me.


  3. I use this RSS feed to view all my contacts photos, too. Since my RSS reader is self hosted on my server, pulling every 30 minutes, the 5 most recent photo thing doesn’t get in the way too much.


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