Los Angeles Photographers' Rights Protest this Sunday at 2pm

Following up my getting harassed at the US Bank building in Downtown Los Angeles, Discarted sent an email to several other photographers and posted on Flickr that we would protest.

This Sunday (1/18/2009) at 2pm, we’re going to meet at Pershing Square and walk to the US Bank building to protest, take photos and educate people. Of course, there are many buildings around the area that we’ll photograph and most likely get harassed.

In addition to your camera, bring video cameras or audio recorders (if you have any) to document any confrontation(s).

Mentally prepare yourself. Understand and stand up for your rights. Photography is not a crime.

Update 1/21/2009 4:15pm: I shouldn’t have worded my post this way. I’d like to clarify that our primary goal was to take photos. If we got harassed, then we’d have the necessary tools needed to document the incident.

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3 thoughts on “Los Angeles Photographers' Rights Protest this Sunday at 2pm”

  1. Hey Bryan – Please be safe tomorrow. I totally support the cause but have plans for Sunday already. Hopefully with a large group those idiot security guards won’t try anything. NoneTheLess, that US Bank Bldg might have some “special status” arranged with the city of L.A., so approach it with some caution friend. Go for broke !


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