Auto upgrade to WP 2.7.1 overwrites themes

After upgrading All Narfed Up from WordPress 2.7 to 2.7.1, I didn’t realize that it nuked my current theme and copied the default K2 and Classic themes. Grr.

Fortunately, I had a backup. All is well again.

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6 thoughts on “Auto upgrade to WP 2.7.1 overwrites themes”

  1. I updated two blogs yesterday, both are using the Fauna theme, and the only themes touched were the Default and Classic themes. It looks like you’re storing your theme in the themes/default/ directory, which is probably why it was replaced by the original default theme during the upgrade. If you put your theme in themes/depo-skinny/, that probably won’t happen next time.


    1. @Brian Auer: Yeah, I’m 80% happy (in regards to that). What was the other problem?

      @James: I tried changing the folder name to its original name, then my blog wouldn’t load. Besides, why should the upgrade touch the theme folder anyway?


  2. The Default and Classic themes are updated periodically. The WP devs probably figure that most people using the Default or Classic themes will only customize the themes with widgets, not edit the files, so they probably see automatically updating the themes along with WP as a nicety to those using the Default and Classic themes as intended. If you ever edit the files of the Default or Classic themes, you should probably move them to new directories, are they would techically no longer be Default or Classic.

    To move your theme, try activating the Classic theme first, then move your theme to a /depo-skinny/ directory. Before activating the theme again, make sure that the permissions of the new directory are set to 755.


  3. I just finished a new design and now it is completely gone because my theme got overwritten! This is SO frustrating, I spend days on working out a nice typographic style, and now it’s GONE! I didn’t knew a WordPress update would do this, I certainly got no warnings before updating.

    I hope I can revolve my CSS from my internet cache or something! But those PHP changes I made are definitely gone! This is so damn annoying.



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