The reason behind my silence

Photo by marymactavish (Flickr)

I’m taking Trigonometry because sine, cosine and tangent are my favorite functions.


Like I said a couple weeks ago, I’m back in school at Citrus College. I’m retaking [Plane] Trigonometry because I flunked it a long time ago.


My senior year in high school, I took an online course from Bakersfield College – statistics. That fulfilled my math requirement for college.

However, when my college counselors were looking at my transcripts, asking me about when I took stats, they just understood  that I took it in high school. The important part? It was a college course.

They insisted I that still needed a math class. I didn’t try to clarify. (How much simpler could it be?) When I took it, I was overwhelmed and failed miserably.

I choked this situation because I didn’t try to explain further. They choked it because they didn’t read carefully.

So, other than raising my GPA so Cal Poly Pomona will accept me, I’m retaking a course that won’t make a difference toward my Computer Information Systems degree.

What else are you taking?

That’s it. I feel slow at grasping the concepts compared to others. So, I’m not taking anything else. When I’m not at school, I’m either doing homework or working.

How about photography?

I still carry my camera everywhere, but I [seriously] photowalk on the weekends if I’m not tired. I’m still open for [natural light] portrait sessions and band photography. Just contact me, m’kay?

Aren’t you in a band, too?

Oh yeah. Listen to The Scarlet Paradigm. 😉

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