Let 'em know they rock

Bill Wadman (OnTakingPictures) is one of my photographer heroes. I sent him an email just to let him know that.

Bill mainly focuses on portrait photography. But, he separates himself with sick lighting, composition, and wicked post-processing.

Creative types[1. Like myself] occasionally get depressed. Small words of encouragement and support do help.

Money helps, too, but that’s a topic for another post.

Who are your favorite photographers, writers, painters, musicians? Send them an email or small note!

Do you have a blog or social network account[2. e.g. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter]? Express your appreciation for them and direct (read: link) your friends to their work.

Most importantly: Don’t expect anything in return. 🙂

Published by

Bryan Villarin

Bryan is a Trust & Safety Wrangler at Automattic. He's also a photographer, card magician, and cat whisperer. (Thanks to my friend and colleague Steve Blythe for the sweet photo!)

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