To hang with The Ready Set tonight

I’ll be at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood tonight to:

  1. take photos for The Ready Set[1. Also, Never Shout Never and Boys Like Girls. Perhaps you’ve heard of that last one?], and
  2. hang out with Andrew Swanson (@itsswanny) at their merchandise table.

The kicker: I don’t know Andrew.

But, his dad is Jon Swanson (Levite Chronicles). We’ve been following each other on Twitter since I met Chris Marsden.

Jon told me that Andrew would be coming to my area, so I got in touch with him.

While I’m stoked to get a photo pass for the night, the main excitement is that I’m meeting Andrew through Twitter. And no, my goal isn’t to gain a million followers. Give value, or find a few nuggets of awesome and share.

I’ll do my best to write more on that (whatever that means) after the concert.

P.S. I’m 99% sure nobody reading this will coincidentally be going to the concert. But if you’re the 1%, tap me on the shoulder and say hi. 🙂

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. Cat whisperer. Sometimes, a photographer and card magician.

2 thoughts on “To hang with The Ready Set tonight”

  1. You better be plugging our band at things like this. 😀
    Hope you had a good time. man, I cant believe I’m actually at work right now, its not even 7, and I’m already over it…FML


  2. It’s so cool how the pieces of this have come together. Social networking is great. I know Andrew is excited, too.


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