Finding new music

I find new music by listening to Pandora Radio (via Pandora.FM) or, going to concerts, and by word-of-mouth.

I first heard Anberlin years ago when attending a Finch concert. (Or was it Story of the Year?)

Lagwagon, Weezer, Blink 182, Thrice, Glassjaw…all through friends.

Lastly, I think I heard Norma Jean and Haste The Day through Pandora Radio.

So, why do I want to know how you find new music to listen to?

I’m in a band (The Scarlet Paradigm) and we’d like more exposure. I know it’s not clear cut and simple. But, it’ll help us figure out what to focus on when we talk about our future as a band.

If you have additional comments on how to go about this, speak out in the comment form after you vote.

Of course, if you like what you hear at our website, please tell some friends — we could use the encouragement and additional ears. Thanks!

How do you hear about new artists and/or bands?(polls)

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3 thoughts on “Finding new music”

  1. A little clarification in my “other” response: I’m subscribed to a bunch of local club email lists. I just go a new one from Spaceland. I saw a band there called “Vivian Girls”. Clicked thru to their web site and now I’m listening to them on MySpace (

    Pretty rocking band. Kind of a cross between SoCal 60s surf and K-records 90s punk. I’d go see them for sure (except there’s another show I’m going to that night :\ ).

    This is how I found my current favorite band, The Happy Hollows. They’re playing tonight at the Echo. Yessss.


  2. This is pretty lame but I’ll share it anyways… I heard some guy bumpin’ music out of his truck, so I stuck my iPhone out the window and Shazam heard it (while driving)!!! I then learned he was listening to “new” 311 which prompted a download on my end.

    If you have an iPhone, download Shazam and give it a try! It’s told me what was playing in an elevator, Old Town Brea’s loud speaker during Christmas time, and random people listening to music way too loud with headphones.


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