No paycheck for you

I stopped at Starbucks on the way to work today. I clearly said I wanted an extra espresso shot in my drink, but — no. Apparently, I wasn’t loud enough.[1. I promise I wasn’t mumbling or talking fast!]

While waiting for my drink, I made eye contact with this really cute woman a couple times, especially when I walked by her to grab my drink from the counter. I didn’t say hi.

Outside, she was parked next to me. I had another chance to strike up a conversation when we both got into our cars.

Nah, not me. I am the shy wallflower. I am idiot.

The kicker?

I forgot to turn in my time sheet at work. I knew about it Wednesday, but I didn’t turn it in right away. So, when I called the office manager, payroll was already sent.[2. Nothing against her. She always gives us plenty of warning. It’s entirely my fault.]

Happy Friday, everyone.

Sure, I’m complaining and ranting. But, I know things could be much worse. I just thought you’d get a kick out of my stupidity.


Fortunately, I’m shooting a wedding on the 18th and will be getting the other part of the couple’s payment. Otherwise, I’d be broke until next payday (30th).

Although this won’t happen again[3. It was my first time.], missing a paycheck is an emergency. My idiocy would be another good reason to get an emergency fund built up.

Update 2009-10-09 1:38pm — My office manager was able to force my time sheet through. I’m so relieved. She’s awesome. I told her that I vowed never to submit my time sheet late again. (Oh boy.)

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