Office Depot killed a tree for me

I got to the office this morning to find a package in my box from Office Depot.

I didn’t order anything. The last two things I ordered the past couple months was a 8GB CompactFlash card and a 4GB USB flash drive.

When I opened the box, an Office Depot catalog is staring at me. I didn’t request it.

On the back of the catalog cover, small text says:

This 4-page cover is printed on paper containing 10% postconsumer fibers.

What about the rest of the catalog?

Ooh, and there’s a $20 off coupon (with an order of $100 or more). Office Depot murdered a tree to thank me and send a coupon.

To make matters worse, I don’t see any way to opt out of this catalog.

At the bottom of the enclosed thank you letter, it was signed by Christine Buscarino, Sr. Director of Marketing.

Until your website includes a check box to opt in requesting a catalog (read: Don’t just send me one for kicks!), you won’t see me again.

Update (seconds after I posted this) — In small text on the back of the catalog, it states:

To update or remove your contact information from our mailing list, please call 800.915.4624, send an email to or send a copy of the address panel to: Office Depot Mailing List, P.O. Box 5009, Boca Raton, FL 33431-0809.

I still shouldn’t have to opt out of a catalog just because I ordered something and had it delivered to my place of work.

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One thought on “Office Depot killed a tree for me”

  1. This reminded me of Seth Godin’s post about opt-in/opt-out policies. [] In today’s hyper green world, you would think that before sending a think glossy paper catalog, they would check if you want it. At the very least, they should look at a customer’s ordering trends and see if a full catalog even suits them. Let’s see. “Memory card and thumb drive… Yep! They’re an office supply fan.”


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