Confirm mail delivery on the cheap

Last week, I worked on getting my college transcripts sent to a couple four-year universities[1. Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State LA.].

  • Pasadena City College (PCC) was the easiest. They offer TranscriptsPlus.
  • Bakersfield College was a little more difficult. They also used TranscriptsPlus, but made me fax my signature before they would proceed.
  • Citrus College and Cal Poly Pomona[2. I was there my first year of college before I went Citrus College.] were the worst. They make you print a PDF form, fill it out by hand, then send it to their office by mail[3. I could have faxed my document to Citrus, but I didn’t want to write my credit card information. I’d rather send a check.]. Why can’t they get with it?

Rather than drive to each college to deliver my transcripts by hand, I opted for mail. I’d save on fuel/time, take one day to get there, and I’d be well ahead of my deadline.

That brings me to my mom. Whenever she sent a letter through USPS and wanted to know when it arrived, she added Return Receipt ($2.30 as of this writing) along with the required Certified Mail.

But, if she didn’t need a signature, she wasted money for that extra service.

When you use Certified Mail, you receive a receipt stamped with the date of mailing. A unique article number allows you to verify delivery online.

If you don’t need that signature, mail your letter First Class with Certified Mail.

P.S. Save your comments if you’re going to say “duh.”

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