AT&T broadband price increase?

I read my AT&T bill for the February 2010 and got freaked out:


Attention AT&T High Speed Internet Members: Starting with your March 2010 bill, the monthly rate for your AT&T High Speed Internet Express, Pro or Elite plan will increase $3 (or $3.01) per month. For details and rate information for your specific plan, please go to or call 1.866.417.6819.

(My emphasis added in bold.)

I have the Pro service for $30/month. So, twelve months from when it starts increasing, it’ll be $66?!

The text is unbelievable. Someone please clarify.

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14 thoughts on “AT&T broadband price increase?”

  1. That sounds a little ridiculous even for AT&T. I think they’re just saying your service will increase $3 and that’s it. Not $3 more per month every month. So, starting in March it will be $33/month and that’s it. That’s the way I read it anyway.


  2. I was so upset to see the $3.00 or $3.01 monthly rate price change notice. What are they thinking! Are we paying for there lawsuite? What is going on. This is a big jump in monthly payment even for AT&T! I don’t like it and am looking around for another company for my internet. This is just crazy!!!!!


  3. ATT is raising their internet service $3.00 a month (across the board) starting with your April 2010 bill. That’s a 12% increase in the greatest recession since the Great Depression. That’s shameful action by ATT. They have a pending DSL lawsuit and this helps pay for it! Corporate crooks!


  4. We spoke to ATT yesterday, they informed us that the $3.00 fee is for other peoples delinquent accounts. Where did it become our responsibility to pay for other peoples bills? Times are hard enough, let alone having to pay for someone elses unpaid bills.


  5. I just got this months bill for my DSL service with AT&T it jump 40%. Went from $33.66 to $46.44 what a shock than When i’m looking over my bill I notice the small print indicating that AT&T doesn’t give warning notice to their customer that we have to goto to find out about them and that was from my previous bill, they completly drop the notice from the new bill with the increase on it. I think I understand why devesture of AT&T was 1st imposed on them. this is highway robbery what their doing to us the consumer.


  6. in Chicago: Just got my ATT Bill for Phone and High Speed DSL. DSL went up from 24.95 to 35.00, nearly 40% without my permission!

    I’ll be reporting to the Attorney Generals Office and BBB. This behavoir must be stopped.


  7. I can appreciate the fact that cost of business can go up, but $39.87 just for local phone service and no long distance seems a bit much. I agree with Lucy, “it should cost 5 cents” Kidding of course, but it shouldn’t cost $40.


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