Thanks for the WordPress shirt, @photomatt!

A couple weeks/months ago, @photomatt included text on his contact form, stating that he’d send a shirt if you sent him your shirt size and mailing address. Last Friday, I got it! (I’m not alone. Jayvie got one, too.)

The main gift was the shirt, which is clutch because my black WordPress shirt is getting worn out.

Apparently, I’m also one of the three most important people in WordPress. 🙂

Certificate transcription:

This certificate entitles the holder to a lifetime supply of free WordPresses, to be used at their discretion for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, & the four Freedoms of the GPL.

Signed, Matt Mullenweg.

Thanks to my pal, Taylor, for taking my photo. I told him how to compose it.

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Bryan works at Automattic. Cat whisperer. Sometimes, a photographer and card magician.

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