Going to Philadelphia and New York in October

Bryan’s uncle, Ric (from Hawaii), is going to Philadelphia for an all-week conference[1. He’ll be in Philadelphia from Monday morning (October 4th) to Friday around 2pm (October 8th).], with hotel and rental car hooked up. He’s letting me crash at his hotel!

I haven’t booked the flights/train yet, but Here are the details of my travel plans:

  • Tuesday, October 5th – After a red eye flight and 78 minute layover in Atlanta, arrive in Philadelphia Int’l at 9:25am (Delta Air Lines)
  • Friday, October 8th – In the afternoon, take an Amtrak train from 30th Street Station (Philadelphia, PA) to Penn Station (New York, NY)
  • Monday, October 11th – Wake up super early to take public transportation to JFK for a 7:05am flight back to LAX. (jetBlue)

In Philadelphia, I’ll be at Spring Hill Suites by Marriott, right by Philadelphia Int’l Airport.
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In New York, I’m crashing my cousin’s place right next to Jefferson Park (East Harlem).
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What does Bryan want to do?

Photowalk and hang with friends I have yet to meet in real life.

Where do you come in?

I need ideas or friends to visit, all with public transportation in mind[2. I’m not planning on getting a rental car in Philadelphia, and definitely not in New York.]. If you can hang, grab a bite to eat, and/or photowalk, let me know!

I’ll update this post as things progress.

P.S. I would contact people through Twitter and Flickr, but I don’t know of an easy way to search for contacts by location.

Update 1: Saturday morning, I’m taking the train to Darien, CT to visit my friends, Andy, Cara, and their baby, Rigby. I’ll return to New York in the early afternoon.

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2 thoughts on “Going to Philadelphia and New York in October”

    1. Arnold: Aw, I’m sorry it won’t work out. I’ve never gone somewhere solo, so this’ll be a first.

      The more I think of it, I’d rather just spend more time taking photos than traveling a large distance by public transportation.

      Thanks for the links to wikitravel.org! I haven’t heard of it before, and it looks very comprehensive. Yes!


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