Finally admitted to Cal Poly Pomona

I just found out that I’ll finally be a college [undergrad] student again at Cal Poly Pomona starting in Winter 2011 (January). That’s about two months from now. Incredible!

Dumbfounded? Shocked? Yes, very.

When I got denied (SFW) for Fall 2010, I gave up on the Cal State University system. Even though I was a better student than 4-5 years ago, and I had my associate’s degree, CSU standards were too high due to the California budget. (That’s what I was told by an actual Citrus College counselor.)

It’s not fun to be haunted by a mediocre scholastic past.

My sights were set on applying at the University of La Verne.[1. Our drummer, James, currently attends there and will be graduating next year.] Since its a private university, and James said they have have a program for students over 25, I thought I’d have a better chance. I’d deal with the high cost of the student loans.

Fortunately for me, it looks like Cal Poly carried over my Fall 2010 application to Winter 2011. This has to be a miracle. I don’t see it any other way.

Thanks for the support, friends. Onward I go, while I try not to look my age. 🙂


If you haven’t been following my situation (not “The Situation“), here’s a summary:

  • Fall 2000: Attend Cal Poly Pomona as a freshman
  • Fall 2001: Transfer to Citrus College, due to a low GPA
  • 2001-2007: Struggle with classes at Citrus College; took a couple classes at Pasadena City College
    • June 2006: One less thing, where I probably volunteered about 30-40 hours/week since June 2000
    • October 31, 2007: Received my Associate in Arts degree
  • 2008: Break from school
  • 2009: Spread out three difficult classes and one easy class over 2.5 semesters
    • Plane Trigonometry – A; Principles of Economics (ECON101) – B; Managerial Accounting (ACCT102) – C; Basic Photography – B[2. I blame the research paper.]
  • January-September 2010: Wait for Fall 2010 admission from Cal Poly Pomona or Cal State LA; waitlisted for Winter 2011 at Cal State LA in mid-August, denied from Cal Poly in September 3rd
  • October 26, 2010: Received an email stating my admission for Winter 2011 (yay!)

Skimming through my past writings at my self-titled (non-active, but viewable) blog, I’ve been re-applying to Cal Poly Pomona since 2006.

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2 thoughts on “Finally admitted to Cal Poly Pomona”

  1. Hi I applied to cal poly pomona as an undergraduate student from cal state la for the fall 2011 quarter. However I got an email from cal poly pomona notifying me of additional seats for this winter quarter. When I went to the broncodirect site, it just states that my application got accepted and I will be contacted about the status of my application. However I find the email to be very confusing.. I instantly switched my fall 2011 application to winter 2011 which is sooner than expected. Is it most likely that I made it isnce they emailed me? (They haven’t said I’ve been accepted or not but its like they’re giving me false hope in the email b/c they mention orientation dates, deposit fee, etc) pleasseee let me know what you think.


    1. Nicole: What I think doesn’t matter. You need to call Admissions on Monday and confirm.

      Currently, there’s no page on their website that shows you what the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) looks like. Frustrating. I called and was told to print the email, adding (in pen) my SIR at the bottom. I was also told to include a $100 check for my Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (ECD).

      I finally got my physical acceptance letter in the mail yesterday. It was metered on Monday (11/8), so it took 3-4 days to arrive.


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