My travels in Philadelphia and New York City

It’s been almost a month since I returned from my trip to Philadelphia and New York City. Over 1,900 unprocessed photos are on my hard drive, including a 36-exposure roll of Kodachrome 64 film[1. Thanks to Brian Auer for the roll of film and Hudson for lending me his Canon Elan 7e.], which I quickly mailed to Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas for processing. I also have daily GPS logs[2. Read my geotagging workflow and the GPS tracking device I’ve used since June 2008.].

Since I’m still processing photos from several paid events[3. I see the end of the tunnel. Mark my words. I’m outsourcing the processing of event photos beginning next year.], screenshots from Google Earth will have to do for images.

I wrote notes from meeting each person (strangers or friends) for extended periods of time[4. Specifically, if they talked with me between 15-90 minutes in one sitting.]. It wouldn’t do them justice if I lumped them all into this post.

In the next 3-4 weeks, I’ll only process the associated photos of the new friends I met and write a dedicated blog post for each. Lastly, I’ll update this post with a table of contents sort of thing, linking to each one as I go.

The rest of the photos will have to wait until my last paid event of the year (November 20th), plus a few weeks for processing those photos.

Yes, I took the time to import the GPS logs and highlighting the key places. You better like it!

I brought a composition book and index cards because I wanted to write in detail or summarize the events of each outing. Unfortunately, after the second day, I was too exhausted to write in detail. All I had were scribblings on index cards and the notepad “app” on my LG Dare cellphone.


October 5: Philadelphia

  • The older woman sitting next to me was annoying the entire flight. In a nutshell, she wanted to order something from her screen. Instead of swiping the card, she pushed it inside and it was stuck for what felt like two and a half hours into the flight before a flight attendant could finally unscrew the back and retrieve her card. I had aisle seat and she was in the middle, so I had to stand up for about five minutes.
  • Arrived in Philly around 10am, then the SpringHill Suites by Marriott in Ridley Park around 11am. It was raining for most of the day, so I didn’t go anywhere.
  • The hotel had recently opened on Labor Day (September 6, 2010), so everything was new. It was awesome.
  • Caught up on sleep in the afternoon.
  • Set a tentative time to meet Arnold’s friend, Anastasia, who’s an artist near downtown Philadelphia.

October 6

  • Transferred my cell phone notepad entries to index cards at a Dunkin Donuts before upgrading the firmware on my phone at the nearby Verizon Wireless retail store.[5. Why? When I powered on my phone after the flight, the time and date wouldn’t be displayed on the home screen anymore. Plus, it was running verson 3, when I knew the latest was version 6.]
  • The night before, Jason and Arnold informed me that my website layout looked broken. Didn’t know about a computer in the hotel, so I essentially wandered the streets around Philadelphia City Hall that morning until I found the Apple Store.
  • LOVE Park, Logan Circle, Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Dinner with Anastasia at Famous 4th St Delicatessen; she also helped me book a Megabus ticket from Philly to NYC for $12[6. Before that, I was just going to follow what Google Maps told me and it’d take four hours. I wouldn’t even know the cost. I’m an idiot, sometimes, I know.]

October 7

October 8: Philadelphia to New York City (Harlem)

  • Megabus from 30th Street Station to NYC
  • Late lunch (chicken fingers) at Pee Dee Steak House; after a two-hour wait, dinner at Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem. (Thanks Leslie!)
  • Sleep

October 9: Darien, CT / Times Square, NYC

  • Took a train to Noroton Heights Station to meet Andy, Cara and their 1-year-old son, Rigby
  • 11pm-3:15am — Long exposures with the help of Juan’s Gorillapod around Times Square.

October 10

October 11


  • Mom — for helping me with getting the flights
  • Ricarte (uncle) — for letting me share his large hotel room in Philadelphia, plus hooking me up with some spending money
  • Leslie (cousin), Juan, and Justin — for letting me crash their place, dinner, and buying me a drink
  • Andy and Cara — for taking me around town (Darien, CT) and dinner

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Links are forthcoming.

Final thoughts

The takeaways?

If you value sleep, bring headphones and your portable music device (e.g. iPod). Additionally, bring earplugs if you’re going to sleep in the same room with someone else.

See if there’s a Not For Tourists guidebook for the city you’re visiting. Juan let me borrow his NFT New York 2009 guidebook and I immediately wish I had one for Philadelphia. I’ll probably buy one for Los Angeles.

Give yourself plenty of free time to wing it. I wouldn’t have met most of the people (listed above) without that buffer.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to talk to people. Practically everybody was nice.

I’d love to return to both cities next year.

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