Ankle problems on someone else's wedding day

A couple nights this week, I experienced leg cramps. One was a bit more severe because both sides of my leg — calf and whatever you call the opposite muscle — cramped somehow. How do you stretch both simultaneously?!

I don’t stretch (exercise) enough.

  • Thursday night, I decided to stretch my legs before going to bed. I think I stretched gently. I didn’t try to force it.
  • Friday morning, my left ankle felt “odd.”[1. My right ankle is my bad one, which I broke in high school. I still have one pin in my ankle.]
  • By that night, I’d give the pain 4 out of 10. I had a slight limp.
  • It’s finally getting cold here in Los Angeles, too, so that might be another factor.

I knew where this is going. It would take 4-7 days to recover.

If I didn’t have upcoming events, this wouldn’t be a big deal. Unfortunately, I’m photographing a wedding today.[2. By that, I mean it’s wonderful that I’m photographing someone else’s wedding, but unfortunate that I’m having ankle problems.]

All I could do is pray. I prayed for bearable pain so I can capture Judith and Rob’s wedding day.

This morning, I’d consider my prayer answered. (Thank you.)

I have a few more hours before I head out, but I have faith I’ll endure through the subtle chaos. As for the rain, everything is indoors and the couple hasn’t brought up concerns, so I won’t dwell on it.

P.S. Yes, I realize I need to see a specialist about my ankles. When I get health insurance, that’s at the top on my list. For the record, I photowalked the streets of Philadelphia, New York City, and Brooklyn for about five days. It had to be 4-5 miles/day. I’m glad my ankles didn’t go out.

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