Twenty four hundred miles the wrong way

While patiently waiting for my HTC Droid Incredible, I checked my Ontrac tracking number at Amazon Wireless.

Ontrac shipment 2010-12-29

That’s 2,397 miles out of the way.

Ontrac shipment map 2010-12-29

The direct route, which I’d like to expect, is 528 miles.

Non-Ontrac shipment map 2010-12-29

Can you explain this nonsense?

Update 2010-12-30 8:15am PDT – Thanks to Shaun in the comments for the explanation.

It arrives today. Here’s the updated tracking information (note how the earlier tracking is removed):

Update 8:45am PDT – Ontrac left the box on my door step fifteen minutes ago. They didn’t knock and I’m slightly angry. Anyway, the tinkering begins after it’s fully charged.

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2 thoughts on “Twenty four hundred miles the wrong way”

  1. If the Droid was shipped directly from China (to whatever place it “started” in Nevada), it’d need to go back east to a main routing place for inspection and what not before reaching its final destination.

    A similar thing happens when people order Macs. They fly from Shanghai, [go] somewhere back east (can’t remember where), and then are shipped to the customers.


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