Android battery life continued

I’ve given up on extending my battery life by means of software, such as JuiceDefender. Maybe I need more patience to configure it, but sometimes, I just want it to work. From what I’ve been reading across various blogs and websites so far, the iPhone holds that title.

I’m going to buy an extended battery. I’ll be alright with the bulk.

When I’m away from home[1. School, primarily], my usage consists of:

After six hours, I’d find my battery around 20-25%. Boo. (Yes, I adjust my screen brightness as low as I can tolerate and usually keep all GPS-related features disabled. WiFi is usually disabled.)

On a few work days, when I forced myself to use my computer for Google Voice and TweetDeck, I didn’t touch my phone and it barely got to 85% after eight hours.

Specific Android app-related posts to come. Sit tight.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. Cat whisperer. Sometimes, a photographer and card magician.

4 thoughts on “Android battery life continued”

  1. Bryan, as you suggested over IM, I ran a test today to see how long my iPhone 4 would last continuously pulling data over 3G.

    Starting at 100%, I continuously ran over 3G for a little over seven hours. I also checked the Twitter for iPhone app three times, sent around twenty texts and drove 1.5 hours in that seven hours.

    I was surprised the phone lasted that long. I hope the Incredible’s battery could get some love from a firmware or OS update. Good luck with the new extended battery.


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