My Super Bowl XLV windfall

Earlier for lunch, I got a fortune cookie that said: “An unexpected windfall will be yours.” Well, I’d be putting some money into a couple pots for the Super Bowl ($1/square) pool and questionnaire ($5).

While I didn’t win anything for the pool, I got the most questions correct and won $30! (Minus the ten squares I bought for the pool, so I really won $20.)

Here’s the transcribed list of questions:

  • What team will win the coin toss? Packers
  • Which team will score first? Packers
  • What will the first score be? (TD, FG, or Safety) TD
  • What player will score the first points? Jennings
  • How many TD will be scored in the game? 7
  • How many FG will be scored in the game? 4
  • How many interceptions will there be? 3
  • Will Jerry Jones be flashed in his suite (from kickoff to the end of the game) more times than turnovers in the game? Yes
  • Will Kobe (game from Saturday 2011-02-05) outscore both teams? No
  • What defense will get the most sacks? Steelers
  • What team will score last? Steelers
  • How will the last points be scored? (TD, FG, or Safety) TD
  • Will the Packers cover the point spread of -2.5? Yes
  • Will the game go over or under 45 points? Over
  • Who will win the game? Packers
  • Who will be the MVP? Aaron Rodgers
  • What will the final score be? 34-27 (So close! Actual final score: 31-25)

One point per question. Ties go to the closest final score.

P.S. Congrats to the Green Bay Packers! I’m definitely a fan (second to the Indianapolis Colts).

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan is a Trust & Safety Wrangler at Automattic. He's also a photographer, card magician, and cat whisperer. (Thanks to my friend and colleague Steve Blythe for the sweet photo!)

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