Nothing would be too easy

I can’t wait to finish the quarter with my last final exam (Microeconomics).

The one-week break before the next quarter, I’m really tempted to be like Peter from Office Space and do nothing. I have a backlog of TV episodes from the past several months which I’d love to watch. I’d also get plenty of sleep.

That would be too easy.

I’ve neglected the cleanliness of my desk, which has a physical inbox stuffed four inches high. (Funny enough, I keep my digital inbox processed to zero most of the time.)

I need to purge. I have so many unused things items.

I would love to learn HTML and CSS beyond simple tinkering, then use the Headway theme for WordPress[1. Thanks to Matt Mullenweg for generously buying it for me.] here at All Narfed Up.

My good friend, Javier, has dove into learning HTML and CSS this past week or so. Next, he wants to learn MySQL and Ruby on Rails. His excitement is inspiring, and another driving force for me desire to jump back in again.

How about my backlog of photos to process?

I’m also spending some time with my girlfriend since she’s on vacation for a few days. Fortunately, she planned some of her vacation days to coincide with my week break between quarters. 🙂

It’s easy to write all of this. Unfortunately, I need to “ship” if I truly want a sense of accomplishment. I wrote several months ago that I wanted to get my desk cleaned up.

I’ll have time to process neglected photos.

I won’t have an excuse this time.

P.S. I realize it sounds weird that I’m looking forward to doing stuff during my break.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. Cat whisperer. Sometimes, a photographer and card magician.

2 thoughts on “Nothing would be too easy”

    1. Marcus: Best of luck to you, too. I’m sorry this quarter has been rough on you, and I hope next quarter will be better.

      By the way, my class schedule is spread out, but I’ll probably linger on campus more than before, especially since I have a laptop now. Perhaps I’ll just stay at school all day Tuesday to save on fuel. SWIFT, even? 🙂

      (Spring 2011 — Tu 08:00-09:50, 18:00-19:50; Th 18:00-19:50)


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