The summer months

Summer is almost over, so here’s a broad recap of school, band, and my photography.


I’ve endured two quarters at Cal Poly Pomona. The highlight was the miracle of pulling off a C in my first Java class[1. CIS 234: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java].

I took a math placement test (MDPT) for Math Analysis, which was supposedly required. Then, I was told by a faculty member in the math department that I’m an exception since I have over a certain number of units. Even though my MDPT score wasn’t great I’ll be allowed to take MAT 125[2. Intro Calculus for Business] immediately.

In other words, I don’t have to take an extra math class. Fantastic!


We’ve changed our band name to Marshburn, denoting a new era of our music. We’re currently recording new music for our next CD.


I photographed two July weddings, and I’m about to start processing photos from the second wedding. I still have a backlog of photos from my Philadelphia and New York City trip last October, and I need to look through photos I’ve taken since then.

I also need to reevaluate where I’ll be posting photos online. I’ve let my Flickr pro account expire, and I’ll likely hone my focus on my blog.

I understand that I can get more eyeballs by using social websites. On the other hand, I thought I’d stay on Flickr forever. Many links on my blog point to Flickr photosets, which currently aren’t accessible since I let my pro account expire.

If I configure my own site or maintain a photoblog to display my best work, I might miss out on the social aspect.

I’d rather post consistently rather than spread myself thin. Ultimately, hosting photos directly from my own site means I’m not bound to the Terms of Service agreements across photo sharing services.

I’m determined to resume my habit of posting photos again, especially when my awesome girlfriend, Amy, continues to rave about my photos. She always gives me a confidence boost, which means so much to me.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. Cat whisperer. Sometimes, a photographer and card magician.

2 thoughts on “The summer months”

  1. The difference, too, is owning your real estate/brand vs. renting from Flickr (Yahoo).

    I, too, am looking forward to more consistent photo sharing (wherever you decide). And more music. Keep creating.


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