I just want ice cream (a review of Mother Moo Creamery)

I’ve visited Mother Moo Creamery in Sierra Madre twice. While each visit brought spoonfuls of goodness to my mouth, it was overshadowed with bouts of service inconsistency and mathematical error.

The first visit was good. I ordered two scoops (cinnamon and chocolate) and got a heaping bowl which seemed to contain four scoops. Awesome.

After I paid and received my change, I realized that the employee had only broken my $20 (two fives and one ten). I ate my ice cream inside and waited until the other customers left before informing her of the error and paying.

The kicker: she didn’t seem to realize what she did wrong, even after I explained.

My second visit was yesterday afternoon. A lone employee was cutting strawberries, and a few customers enjoyed their ice cream at the tables. My girlfriend ordered two scoops in a waffle cone, and she was charged $3.50. I ordered two scoops in a bowl (cup?), and was charged $3.50.

One (or two) scoops from Mother Moo Creamery

I glared at the tiny cup size, clarifying that I’d ordered two scoops (cinnamon and coffee chocolate). I could technically see two scoops, but we told her that a two scoop order in the past has been much bigger — big enough to fit in a paper bowl.

Nope. We were mistaken. The employee insisted their sizes were smaller than most places.

I stared at the paper menu on their wall, and noticed the “official” pricing of their products:

  • 1 scoop (with an tiny drawing of one scoop): $3.50
  • 2 scoops (with a tiny drawing of two scoops): $4.75
  • Waffle cone substitution: $1.00 extra

The employee seemed unfazed, so I gave her a five dollar bill, expecting 25 cents in change. But, I received $1.50 in change.

By her logic, I ordered one scoop?

My girlfriend should’ve been charged $5.75, and I should’ve been charged $4.75.

I shouldn’t be confused at an ice cream shop. If I’m compelled to write a blog post about your customer service, your employees need to be retrained on your item costs, serving sizes, and pricing.

I’m not complaining as a disgruntled customer, but as someone who wants your business to flourish. Since this business is still new, I’d rather give them a chance to make things right for future transactions. Consistency.

I want to enjoy ice cream, not argue about correct portion sizes and arithmetic errors.

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7 thoughts on “I just want ice cream (a review of Mother Moo Creamery)”

    1. No, consistency. If they intend to give me free ice cream, I’ll take it. As I see it, the employees are failing the owner, and the business might not be here in the long run.

      I’d rather they generate accurate profits and stick around.

      Does that make more sense?


      1. I always complain about my favorite restaurants inconsistency. If their employees drive off customers (or lose the owner cash) and they go out of business, I’ll have to find a new favorite. “Hooking me up” only gives me a false expectation which leaves me disappointed the next time.


  1. “I’m not complaining as a disgruntled customer, but as someone who wants your business to flourish” – why would you take the time to write all those paragraphs if your not complaining & a picture?..bit much .CLEARLY, you are NOT a regular at mother moo. Everyone knows that a 1 scoop size is really two scoops & that two scoops is 4 scoops. If you say 2 scoops, they assume you mean 1 scoop hence they are trying to save you money, not only that 4 scoops is alot. Second of all your girlfriend got a waffle cone with two scoops so again she charged 3.50 and 1.00 more for the waffle, 4.50 NOT 5.75.

    As far as her not giving you the right change, shame on her. You should’ve expressed yourself to her instead of giving her a dumb founded look. Shame on you for not caring about your correct change. All of this has left me with the impression that YOU made the technician highly confused, therefore she did not know how to treat you as a customer since there was no confronting the situation. Yes, she is cheating her owner out but they all are trying to just have courtesy and let you know upfront.


  2. Great review! Hope they stick around (and maybe the employees will figure out how to work the register eventually, ha). Amy told me how good the ice cream is. Maybe we can all go next time I come to visit? 🙂


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