Configuring OpenDNS with AirPort Utility 6.1

I finally added OpenDNS servers to my Apple AirPort Express. (My previous router died while under warranty, and waiting for a replacement would take too long, so I bought an AirPort Express at the Apple Store in Pasadena.)

While their “Configuration for AirPort v7.6.1” instructions are almost spot on, a couple screenshots didn’t reflect what I was seeing in AirPort Utility 6.1.

I couldn’t find anything with an updated screenshot, so I sent one to OpenDNS support. Until they update it, it should look like this:

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4 thoughts on “Configuring OpenDNS with AirPort Utility 6.1”

  1. Hey, I’m sorry for contacting you this way… but I don’t know what else to do. I read some of your posts in the WordPress forums while I was searching for answers to my question, and you seem pretty knowledgeable and helpful…I’ve wasted HOURS trying to figure out what to do. And have only got one post up on WordPress for it and no one answered it. Here’s a link to my question Thanks.. and just delete this post; I didn’t know what else to do..


  2. Hi Bryan
    Can you please post it here how you configured Airport Extreme with opendns as the screenshot they have given doesnt match with what i see in Airport utility. can you pls help?



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