Windows 8: Makes me curl into fetal position

My main operating system experiences goes from versions Windows 3.1 through Windows 7. After that, I essentially switched to Mac. I’d like to buy my mom a laptop, but after watching this video review, I’m extremely hesitant.

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5 thoughts on “Windows 8: Makes me curl into fetal position”

  1. I bought my grandma a laptop a month ago that had windows 8 and she hated it so bad I had to downgrade to Windows 7 a few days later (which sucked). I’ve played around with Windows 8 a bit but I usually end up using the old fashioned desktop mode as I’m not a fan of the Metro UI.


  2. This video review makes me curl into fetal position. I could only stand to watch the first about seven minutes. The author’s constant screaming and rambling would have been helpful, if he gave proper examples and sources to justify his claims, but instead he just complains in the most vague manner possible: “All is terrible. Period.”

    In the first seven minutes, he managed to name two issue:
    a) The weather app would pop up uncontrollably.
    b) He didn’t know how to close the weather app.

    Problem a) seems very unusual to me and I can’t confirm that the weather app-or any other app for that matter-pop up without user action. I was using the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my (occasional use) laptop for several months, and admittedly there were some apps that would flat-out crash on every app start, and some other windows (like the volume control pop-up from the task bar) that didn’t close themselves probably. Now I’ve been using the Windows 8 Final on my desktop computer daily for two weeks, and I didn’t notice any of the Consumer Preview problems. My weather app opens when I click on it.

    Problem b) is a little more understandable. I myself noticed that the Metro UI apps don’t have a “Close” button or similar. But I have a hard time believing that the author couldn’t figure out at all how to close an app. It took me all of 5 seconds. Alt+F4. It’s been a continuous convention since, I assume, Windows 3.1, at least Windows 95. Maybe you’ve never used keyboard shortcuts extensively, or you’ve never used a Windows OS before. So how do you close an app on your iPhone? How do you close an app on your Android phone? You push the “Home” button on your phone. Let’s try that analogy on our Windows 8 computer and hit the “Start” key. Whoa, the weather app is gone, and I can navigate to something else…

    I’m not a religious defender of Windows 8. Other than the Metro UI, the changes from Windows 7 to Windows 8 desktop mode are minor (possibly not even worth the upgrade) and in nowhere comparable to the advances from Windows XP to Windows 7 (I’m not even counting Vista). The Metro UI is beautiful to look at and fun to play around with (especially once more apps will get published). But the Metro UI only really makes sense to use on a touch screen device or maybe on a TV when you don’t want to to deal with the small font and need for precise mouse operation in desktop mode.

    On my personal wish list is a Windows 8 tablet. The idea of having synchronized Windows 8 apps and settings as well as identical Metro UI appearances, tile arrangements, et cetera, across a tablet, a desktop, and maybe even a TV/media center device, now that sounds exciting to me. Until then, I’ll use Windows 8 in desktop mode.


  3. It is still possible to buy Win7 laptops. I just picked up an HP Envy15 from Amazon that has a nice 1080p screen and Win7. I specifically chose this one and not a custom-built Envy because Windows 7 came with it.


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