What goes with chills?

Our usual desired indoor temperature is too cold for me, and the pain in my left foot has intensified once again. Or, the Ibuprofen wore off.

Early tomorrow morning, three movers will arrive in a truck to transport our heavy furniture from Sierra Madre to Temple City. We’re bringing the rest ourselves over the next few days, cleaning things in our Sierra Madre apartment along the way. (Amy, really. She’s awesome.)

Fitting that @andrewspittle shared Seth Godin’s post on Twitter today, “I didn’t have time“.

This phrase is the other reason I have chills. My third move in over two years, but we haven’t harnessed a sense of urgency. We’ve known we have until May 9th, so that could be a factor.

Anyway. Putting things off for the last minute, such as clearing things off all our furniture. Discarding or donating items that we’ve been carrying for years.

Why are we waiting until 7:30am? Procrastination. Ugh, chills.

I’m hobbled, but I wasn’t a few weeks ago (whenever we found out we were moving).

I’m going to miss this place; it’s quite lovely. Leaving Sierra Madre is also a bummer.

I’m looking forward to another quiet neighborhood, several places of importance in walking distance, and a familiar area. Most importantly, a new place to call home.

And with that, I’ve posted everyday in the month of April. Thanks for following along! I’ll try to keep it going. I promised Jeremy a few photography–related posts when we hung out in Budapest. Also, I think the consistency is good for me. I have a schedule of topics in mind that seems reasonable over the next three months, and I’ll evaluate things again later.

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