Many Senators Don’t Use E-mail. This Shouldn’t Bother You.

Cal Newport published a great post a few days ago, with this notable reminder:

It’s more important to turn our attention back to the metric that does matter universally: Are you creating value in the world.

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One thought on “Many Senators Don’t Use E-mail. This Shouldn’t Bother You.”

  1. Completely agree. I don’t even care of a Senator or Congressperson uses a smartphone or not. Possessing or using one is in no way indicative of one’s productivity and effectiveness, and frankly, it can serve as a crippling distraction when misused. (I speak for all office drones who find themselves checking emails a million times a day, even though my job is not at all email-dependent.)

    Look no further than director Christopher Nolan as a shining example of that. He recently made news (well, in the productivity space anyway 😉 when it was revealed that he doesn’t own or use a smartphone or even emails: “‘Well, I’ve never used email because I don’t find it would help me with anything I’m doing. I just couldn’t be bothered about it.” True dat.


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