Obscura Camera removes capture date and time

Between June 27th, 2015 and today, I finally saw that any photos taken with Obscura Camera for iOS no longer includes the metadata capture time, capture date, and camera.1 I estimate at least 700 affected images.2

For now, I’ll contact Ben McCarthy and switch back to Camera+.

Aside: Does anyone know how to manually insert the capture time and date information from the filename of the JPG file?

  1. Instead of iPhone 6, the metadata for Camera says “Unknown Camera”. 
  2. There’s a mix of screenshots and video, so I don’t know the exact count. 

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan is a Trust & Safety Wrangler at Automattic. He's also a photographer, card magician, and cat whisperer. (Thanks to my friend and colleague Steve Blythe for the sweet photo!)

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