TaskPaper: Bulky archive section in sidebar

I’ve been using a couple of “Projects” for grouping daily work in various ticket queues: one for triaging, and the other for regular ticket smashing. This is a hold over from an idea in my previous post, “Things: Repeating Projects!1

When migrating some stuff to TaskPaper, I created those two projects from Things as projects in TaskPaper—which are also shown in the sidebar. Getting messy after four days in!

Daily work “projects” means that the Archive projects displayed in the sidebar will be extremely long if I don’t do something. I have a couple of options so far:

  • Don’t use them as projects, but Markdown headings. I can still fold the text under that header—that’s what I want.
  • Move them to another file weekly, to keep things tidy. I’d need to open the Archive TaskPaper file.

Now that I consider it, the second option isn’t that big of a deal. It’s all plain text, and relatively quick.

For now, I’m trying the first: Markdown headings, then making sure to indent the relevant tasks I’d like the group.

  1. Things — In the Logbook, completed projects stand out versus todos because they contain multiple todos. However, repeating todos overpower projects due to the large volume of regular completed todos. I have a habit of noting the amount of time I spend across our numerous queues. 

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