Great, now I need a cell phone

Around 11am this morning, I noticed that I wasn’t getting anymore Twitter updates. I tried to make phone calls and nothing would go through. I took the battery out, let it sit there, and tried again. Nothing. My cell phone won’t get a signal anymore. To make matters worse, I don’t have insurance on it.

So, don’t call or send text messages. I’ll only check for voicemail messages a few times throughout the day. Email is your only bet. If you need to, leave me your number and I’ll call back from a landline.

[Idea] Hey, Verizon Wireless! Can you send me a phone to review until November 17, 2008? That’s when I can upgrade my mom’s phone and I could use her old phone. Or, if you can help out a faithful customer by sending me a refurb, that would be great, too.

This hurts.

Update 6:55am 9/5/08 – Weird. My phone is back to normal? Yay for now, but I’m going to assume it’s gonna do this again.

Review: Borders Bucks, sweet – NOT

I just got an email from Borders Rewards about earning Borders Bucks, which starts on April 12th (emphasis is mine):

We’ve simplified your Borders Rewards membership. Now, for every $150 you spend on qualifying purchases at Borders, Borders Express, or Waldenbooks in a calendar year, you’ll earn $5 in Borders Bucks, issued the first week of the following month and valid until the end of that month. The more you spend, the more you get. There’s no limit to how many Borders Bucks you can earn!

That’s a reward of $0.0333 per dollar. If you want to “earn” $10 in Borders Bucks, you’ll need to spend $300 in a month. If you want to earn $20 in Borders Bucks, you’ll need to spend $600 in a month. I say “in a month” because those Borders Bucks are only valid until the end of the month they’re issued. I can’t even imagine myself spending $150 at a Borders in a month. If you spend that much in a month, you’ll probably be reading that stuff for the next few months, right?

Don’t mock our intelligence!

I prefer to get cheaper prices online, saving the amount of time and money that comes along with shopping in a brick and mortar store. “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen is currently $8.99 at Amazon, and if you spend over $25 there, you can get free shipping. (It doesn’t hurt to have Amazon Prime, either.)

The only reason why I’d go to Borders is if I need a book right away. I can usually find a coupon to trim the price a bit, too.

What do you think? If you can buy online, why do you shop at Borders?

Disable Snap Preview Anywhere inside the pop-up!

I just noticed that Snap changed their UI so you can disable those pesky pop-ups without the hassle of going to their website. Awesome! Compare that to the old-school way: “How can I turn Snap Preview Anywhere on or off?

Sorry if this is old news…I just saw it, so maybe I’m not alone.

A more user-friendly interface A more user-friendly interface

Unblock number?

(Edit: Too many questions I can’t answer. Stop asking me.) If you have your phone number set to block caller ID all the time (like *67), what’s the code to unblock it on a call-by-call basis? I wanted to ask my friend if they can press that code for me. Thanks.

Answer: If outgoing calls from your phone number display a blocked/restricted caller ID, and you want the other person to see your phone number, dial *82, then their phone number.

Thanks Dan! It only took me six years to update this post. Eek. (2011-09-16)