Looking back at 2008

Our band went from Phantom Scream to The Scarlet Paradigm by losing our singer, then finding a new one through Craigslist.

I’ve made lots of photography friends through Twitter, Flickr (specifically the Los Angeles group) and Photowalking.org (where it basically started at the end of last year).

I feel way more confident with my photography. Taking photos every day for the whole year helped immensely. Although it’s nothing to write home about, I’ve been able to monetize a little[1. Of course, that’s the definition of an amateur.].

Wicked year, right? 🙂

In a more detailed list format:


The band

Update 1/4/2009: Cody told me that I forgot to include going to Las Vegas just to take photos. My bad!

Recording bass tracks

Recording bass tracks (296/366)

As you can see, we were very laid back in this process. Bill was tweaking the equalizer while I was just listening to the playback.

Compared to a year and a half ago of trying to record drum tracks, this new setup is much better. Bill could explain it in greater detail than I could.

I set my camera on his dresser and used the 10-second self timer.

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Latest band practice photos

Our band, Phantom Scream, is still active. Whether I realize it or not, Doc and Bill are constantly working on new material. Last Friday was special because we all got together at Unchained Studios in San Dimas for band practice. We haven’t been there since our first show last April. We needed to hear ourselves in a room with better acoustics.

This is my favorite picture of all the ones taken. That smile is priceless:


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As far as I’m concerned, the lyrics are even more abstract, and the sound is more progressive rock than ever before. I love it.