Finding new music

I find new music by listening to Pandora Radio (via Pandora.FM) or, going to concerts, and by word-of-mouth.

I first heard Anberlin years ago when attending a Finch concert. (Or was it Story of the Year?)

Lagwagon, Weezer, Blink 182, Thrice, Glassjaw…all through friends.

Lastly, I think I heard Norma Jean and Haste The Day through Pandora Radio.

So, why do I want to know how you find new music to listen to?

I’m in a band (The Scarlet Paradigm) and we’d like more exposure. I know it’s not clear cut and simple. But, it’ll help us figure out what to focus on when we talk about our future as a band.

If you have additional comments on how to go about this, speak out in the comment form after you vote.

Of course, if you like what you hear at our website, please tell some friends — we could use the encouragement and additional ears. Thanks!

How do you hear about new artists and/or bands?(polls)

Finch at The Glass House

A month ago, Finch booked a last-minute free show (dubbed the Warped Tour Pre Party) at The Glass House. I sent them a message, and Daniel got back to me. Unfortunately, he couldn’t guarantee me a photo pass since Warped Tour was running it.

At the Glass House, I was able to say hi to Grizz[1. He was running merch at the time.] and Nate. Then, I bumped into Randy. He recognized me and handed me a wrist band (photo pass). Score! A few minutes later, I saw Daniel. Good times.

Will I ever meet their drummer, Drew Marcogliese?

They had an awesome show and I got a few snaps for them.

My favorites:

Rancy (I mean, Randy) comes out wearing a motorcycle helmet. Hilarious!

The epic shot of Nate screaming

Thanks for the photo pass, guys! I hope our band gets to open for you someday. 😉


You can see the photos from the concert at my main photography website, or my favorite five at Flickr.