Review: Canon cameras rock!

PNC Park, Pittsburgh


I don’t think Canon has let me down yet. I bought my first digital camera sometime in 2003, and it was a Canon PowerShot A40 (2MP). This first photo was taken with that camera. I loved that camera, but I found myself not carrying it with me as much as I’d like because it was bulky.

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AeroPress – the only way to make great coffee

I’m on a break at work. I need coffee, and I’m not going to walk to Starbucks. Our kitchen has brewed coffee, so I’ll try it.

Ugh! Bitter!

My AeroPress is still rocking since I bought it almost two months ago! Have you read my Aeropress review? It’s worth buying! I rarely go to Starbucks anymore, except to buy more coffee beans.

My new AeroPress Coffee Maker
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Twitter helped me meet with a complete stranger

Dinner with Chris Marsden
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Earlier this week, Chris Marsden Twittered and wrote a blog post about his coming to Pasadena for a few days. So, we had a brief dialog through Twitter, and decided to meet for dinner (at Ichima Sushi) on Wednesday night. I figured he hasn’t had that too often, so it sounded fun. I was right, so he was at my mercy. Fortunately for him, the majority of sushi I order isn’t raw. 😉

We talked about a lot of stuff in the duration of the evening, and didn’t call it quits until 3 AM. Chris is awesome!

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Review: iRiver iFP-899

On Saturday, I received the iRiver iFP-899 I won on eBay. I immediately messed around with it for two hours. I must’ve made 5 unpublished podcasts that day. 😀

Initial thoughts

I like the size and shape. Since it’s triangular, the built-in mic can point at a certain direction for a more optimal positioning. The menus aren’t as simple as an iPod — there’s a learning curve with the click, long click, etc.

Size comparison of an iRiver iFP-899 and lip balm

Size comparison of an iRiver iFP-899 and lip balm

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Latest band practice photos

Our band, Phantom Scream, is still active. Whether I realize it or not, Doc and Bill are constantly working on new material. Last Friday was special because we all got together at Unchained Studios in San Dimas for band practice. We haven’t been there since our first show last April. We needed to hear ourselves in a room with better acoustics.

This is my favorite picture of all the ones taken. That smile is priceless:


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As far as I’m concerned, the lyrics are even more abstract, and the sound is more progressive rock than ever before. I love it.