Random points that constitute a full post

My mind has been vegged with DVDs and PS2 over vacation until this week started up with school. At work yesterday, I collected some thoughts to write about here.

  • Not sure what domain I’ll switch to, but I have some in mind to make it easier to spell.
  • I still love Pinky, but I’m not sure how to incorporate the lovable rat into whatever new theme I choose. (See Pinky and the Brain)
  • I love purging – when you see more space, it’s energizing. I’ve been wiping hard drives and removing the really old computers they’re in from my office.
  • Since buying my new ultra-compact camera, I want to carry it everywhere. That’s one more thing I carry with me. So in my bag, I carry my iPod, earbuds, and Tungsten E PDA. If I’m not wearing pants that has a cell phone pocket, I’ll put my phone in there, too.
  • I’m going to take at least one picture a day. Have you seen my photostream at Flickr?
  • I’m listening to less podcasts. If it’s over 40 minutes, it’s too long. Buzz Out Loud and Diggnation are the only exceptions. Merlin, I love your short podcasts. More people should create podcasts like that.
  • I haven’t done a weekly review lately. However, I love that it’s fairly easy to get back on track.
  • Mom’s coming home tomorrow. I think it’d be a nice gesture to setup a tickler file for her. I was showing her my own, and she seemed intrigued.

Finally, some email dialog between me and a coworker:

Liz: Here is the description of the open position in CDP. Can you please have it posted on the website as soon as practicable?

Bryan: I didn’t know practicable is a word.

Liz: Yup! If you hang out with lawyer-types long enough you will hear lots of things you otherwise wouldn’t think are real words.

Off to do some errands and clean the place a bit so my mom doesn’t freak out too much.

GTD from your desktop

When I saw Rooze’s Desktop, I was pretty stoked about how much this could help in making sure I’m as productive as I can possibly be. I fired up Palm Desktop, took a screenshot, cropped the extraneous stuff, and set it as a wallpaper on my desktop as well. Sweet!

The only problem lies is the lack of Tasks displayed from Palm Desktop – they don’t show up on the monthly calendar. I could have tasks dated, but I wouldn’t know it unless I pulled out my PDA or opened Palm Desktop.

Putting folders for things to do on that day is good – text files would work as well. Jot a few quick notes down, save, and put into the day you want to review it. Since I’m into concerts, I could also put a link to the Ticketmaster page where I’d purchase the tickets into a few days before the event.

Oh yeah, it might be wise to install something that’ll restore your icons’ location if you change resolutions. Although I haven’t tried it yet, Icon Restore should do the trick. (Golf clap: Lifehacker)

One year in blogging

Today marks a year from when I first started this blog. (This is a blog? I thought it was a website? What’s a blog? Reading the first paragraph there should suffice.)

If you see any positive difference with my posts now and the beginning, I’d love to hear them. If you could take a few minutes to write something, it’d help me reaffirm part of the reason why I have a blog. (Err, “weblog” – for Josh.) I’ll take constructive criticism, too. Otherwise, don’t bother. 🙂

Now then, inspired by Keith, I’m going to list a few things I’ve learned from blogging as well. Continue reading One year in blogging

Unblock number?

(Edit: Too many questions I can’t answer. Stop asking me.) If you have your phone number set to block caller ID all the time (like *67), what’s the code to unblock it on a call-by-call basis? I wanted to ask my friend if they can press that code for me. Thanks.

Answer: If outgoing calls from your phone number display a blocked/restricted caller ID, and you want the other person to see your phone number, dial *82, then their phone number.

Thanks Dan! It only took me six years to update this post. Eek. (2011-09-16)

Lovin my FrontX purchase

I ordered a FrontX casing with the casing, headphone, mic and audio-in ports. It came in yesterday, so as soon as I got home, I quickly installed it. Within 20 minutes, I tried it out. Utter bliss! I basically don’t have to reach around the back of the computer anymore. It’s so easy to plugin my headset for Skype or Counter-Strike! A possible purchase in the future will be for a firewire port (for my iPod), and possibly another for S-Video Out. I’m definitely a satisfied customer.

iPods getting prevalent

Out of my local circle of friends, I was one of the first to get an iPod. At first, I couldn’t understand why anybody would like to carry around so many songs at one time. What’s wrong with CD players? You can always make a mix whenever you felt like it. Who would want the ability to have between 5,000 to 10,000 songs on hand?

15 months later, I’m loving it. My iPod has given me so much more freedom from my computer or car, which is where I’d listen to music. I could listen to it anywhere if I needed to pass the time. Yeah, it isolates you, but if you’re alone anyways and you don’t want to bother everyone else that’s around you, how much more convenient is that?

Continue reading iPods getting prevalent