net_work rocks

If you’re looking for hilarious entertainment, watch a few episodes of net_work by Black20 and you’ll be hooked. The vortex of dry humor and confusion drew me in right from the start.

From the net_work page at Black20:

Forget what you know about sitcoms. Forget what you know about the way stories are supposed to go. net_work is office comedy for a new generation.

It’s two Internet video producers and the strange world that surrounds them. It’s business unusual.

The only two things you can expect of net_work are: Mike will be Mike, and Michael will be Michael.

One of my early favorites is “Separates,” which was back in Season 1. (They’re currently in Season 4.),baseURL:'',playList:type:'jpg',url:'',name:'image',type:'flv',url:'',initialScale:'fit',bufferLength:3,controlBarBackgroundColor:'#FFFFFF',showMenu:true,controlsOverVideo:'no',useHwScaling:true,useNativeFullScreen:true,autoBuffering:false,autoPlay:true,autoRewind:true,loop:false

You’re welcome. 🙂

“Wasting Breath” with US Bank Tower’s Security Team

Thanks to Hal Bergman, there’s video of the encounter with the security team at the US Bank Tower. Shawn (Discarted) edited the video and just blogged about it this morning. Consider it part two, which include the put downs, plus an attempt to teach one of the security guards by Angelo [of Hollywood].

via Discarted


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Update 1/21/2009 3:35pmThanks to Thomas Hawk for blogging about this!

Update 1/21/2009 3:50pm — Thanks to blogdowntown for blogging about this, too. See “Photographers’ Rights Protest Makes For Good Theatre.”

Update 1/23/2009 2:55pm — Thanks for LAist and Jeremy Brooks for picking this up (and also putting it on Digg).

Why is Netflix instant streaming a BONUS feature?

Netflix Instant Streaming - STOP CHOKING!
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The last two Saturdays, Netflix streaming was dead. Today, on a mellow Tuesday afternoon, it died for a short period.

To quote Benjamin from Netflix (via Thomas Hawk):

Watch Now is a bonus feature for Netflix subscribers.

What? Where does it say that on the Netflix website? Their Terms of Use page?


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