Closed my Media Temple account

During my sabbatical last year, I completed one project where the end result was to close my Media Temple account. (It was a good run!) Going forward, I would be saving $22 per year. 💵

I haven’t thought about this very much since I completed the move, which is probably a good thing. 😎

  1. Disclosure: I’m a Community Guardian at Automattic, parent company of I also use for my personal sites. 
  2. I didn’t realize Shaun Inman suspended sales and support for Fever and Mint in December 2016. 
  3. This is my personal FastMail referral link

Now pointing to All Narfed Up

I stopped using Zenfolio for in November 2014, but haven’t setup a new site for it, or point the domain to a site that reflects me.

Tonight, I took a few minutes to map it here to All Narfed Up. The name servers propagated in less than ten minutes1 — that was cool. 😎

  1. I’m being generous because I didn’t note the time when I saved the change at Namecheap. 

Sorry for the downtime

I was trying to add a (self-hosted) install using Media Temple’s 1-Click application for testing purposes[1. I’ve used it before for the same purpose.], then the install had an error that I couldn’t delete it the 1-Click page.

So, I contacted Media Temple support and they mistakenly thought I was trying to install (Oh noes.) They setup a 1-Click install, which created a new database and renamed my blog folder. Fortunately, nothing was deleted.[2. I wasn’t worried. I use the Automatic WordPress Backup plugin.]

I asked if they could do it for me, but that’s not part of the deal, so I fixed it myself after I got back home from school.

Anyway, back to normal content — whatever that means. 🙂

Switching web hosts

When WordPress 2.9 came out, the minimum requirement for MySQL went up to 4.1.2.

To my dismay, my server was running MySQL 4.0.x. I asked my friend, Eric, if he could upgrade MySQL. But, he doesn’t want to risk breaking the other sites on the server. I don’t blame him.

Who’s Eric? I think we met online during the Cyberwings hosting shenanigans. He’s a genius code developer. After that, I went through a couple web hosts before setting with Eric’s server. We never met and he helped me out for free. It was generous of him.

After 4 years, 3 months, and 5 days[1. If the hosting cost $5 per month, he saved me $255!], I need to move on[2. Well, if I want to continue using the latest version of WordPress, I need to switch hosts.].

Thanks for the free web hosting, Eric!

Note: Until the switch to the new server, I’ve closed comments on all posts[3. Thanks to Extended Comment Options.].

Update 12/25/2009: If you’re reading this, All Narfed Up is now on (mt) servers and updated to WordPress 2.9. Yay! Two more domains to go. When I get those done, I’ll write about how I made the move so smoothly.

Update 12/28/2009: Part 2 is up.

One year in blogging

Today marks a year from when I first started this blog. (This is a blog? I thought it was a website? What’s a blog? Reading the first paragraph there should suffice.)

If you see any positive difference with my posts now and the beginning, I’d love to hear them. If you could take a few minutes to write something, it’d help me reaffirm part of the reason why I have a blog. (Err, “weblog” – for Josh.) I’ll take constructive criticism, too. Otherwise, don’t bother. 🙂

Now then, inspired by Keith, I’m going to list a few things I’ve learned from blogging as well. Continue reading One year in blogging