No Future Café now uses WordPress

I love going to shows at No Future Café (Pasadena, CA) because it’s laid back, inexpensive and popular. The staff is friendly, parking is a breeze and it’s in a safe area. (Our band has played a few shows there, too.)

I’d usually have to visit the website to see upcoming shows. To my surprise, they’ve switched their not-so-great website to run WordPress. Wicked!

WordPress theme designer needed

Yet another good game (89/366)

My friend, Jordan Ross from Respond Clothing, would like a custom theme. They thought they were going to have a Flash website[1. That fell through], so the current theme was temporary.

Now, K2 isn’t supported with WordPress 2.5. I need to upgrade them, so that’s my logic behind this.

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Going plugin crazy

I haven’t been myself lately, so that’s why I’m lacking recent quality posts.

I’ve installed two WordPress plugins yesterday that I think deserves your consideration:

WP-Print is great because it “displays a printable version of your WordPress weblog post”. It removes all formatting except for the most relevant content: post title, post content, and the full URLs contained in the post, kind of like the ones in SitePoint plaintext newsletters (example). It’s great when links displayed like this for print because normal links on printed paper mean nothing.

Lately, I’ve been printing articles to read later (or maybe things my mom or friends might find interesting). If blogs would use this plugin, it would be much easier to follow up on the links.

As for Flickr Post Bar, it’s much easier not having to navigate through Flickr to get the code for a post. You can insert the latest photos from your photostream, or search tags – all within the post page.

It’s finding gems like these that make me wonder if I should just stick to just blogging here rather than splitting myself also at Bryan Off Topic… 🙂

First timer with WordPress

I just have to say that they weren’t kidding when they said it was literally a 5-minute install! This PHP script is really slick! I’ve heard of MovableType and b2, but so many people are moving to WordPress – and I can understand why.

I’m moving through the different preferences in this script, and it just flows nicely from one to the next.

I’ll post occassionally on my experience with WordPress…