I'm a dork

I lost my ATM card in the dumbest way I can think of: at the ATM machine itself. I went up to it, deposited a check, the the receipt, and walked away. About an hour later, away from that machine and on the road, I realized that I didn’t even grab my card. By the time I got back, it was gone and the bank next to it was closed. I didn’t want to take the chance to waiting until tomorrow to see if one of the staff took it, so I called it in. Now I have to wait 5-7 business days until I get my new one – and I’m going down to San Diego for a few days on Saturday. Great.

I hate new textbook editions

I don’t hate them, really. But I’ll tell you why I hate them right now.

I was going to take this Accounting 101 class last semester (Spring 2004). It was currently a three-class course (ACCT 101, 102, & 103). But in Fall 2004, it was going to switch to the current standard of a two-class course (ACCT 101 & 102). So, I dropped that class last semester and registered for the new system this semester.

So, I come to class this semester feeling confident and ready to get good grades. Then today, I open the book and we’re going over the questions on our homework…and it turns out I have an older edition! The company just came out with a new one.

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At school today, a pretty brutal display of stupidity astonished me. I was in my first class this morning (Great Religions of the World), and the teacher was going through his lecture. This one guy in class, sitting fairly near the front, had his cell phone on.

He got rung up once, and left the class to answer. Then when he got back, and a few minutes passed, he got another phone call. By that time, the teacher was fed up. He was like, “You know, that’s the second time he’s disrupted the class. When he gets back, I’m kicking him out.”

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Decluttering moving along

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but my apartment is totally cluttered. After seeing this site devoted to home organization, and hearing some good points, I’ve finally gotten going in my quest towards cleanliness.

I wish I could’ve taken pictures – I didn’t think about it before. I s’pose I can take some now and whenever I do a block of decluttering. Hopefully at the end of my adventures, we can have nice before and after pictures.

I’ve been working for the past three hours, and I’ve gotten the floor under the coffee table fairly cleared up. I threw away a lot of old Readers Digest magazines (and others), as well as a few empty boxes that I hopefully won’t need anymore.

Oh yeah, “Organizing From The Inside Out” by Julie Morgenstern is a great book. Thanks Carol (meowmeow)!

First timer with WordPress

I just have to say that they weren’t kidding when they said it was literally a 5-minute install! This PHP script is really slick! I’ve heard of MovableType and b2, but so many people are moving to WordPress – and I can understand why.

I’m moving through the different preferences in this script, and it just flows nicely from one to the next.

I’ll post occassionally on my experience with WordPress…