AeroPress customer support rocks

A few weeks ago, the rubber stopper on my AeroPress started to come off easily when removing the plunger from the chamber. It didn’t affect its operation – it was just annoying.

So, I emailed Aerobie received a very quick reply that they’d send a replacement seal.

A few business days later, I received it in the mail, removed the old one, and popped on the new one. Perfect!

I’m so stoked with awesome customer support like that, especially since they didn’t bug me about a receipt.[1. It’s probably inexpensive anyway, but still.]

I’ve had the AeroPress since March 2007 – over a year and a half now. It still works perfectly.

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A fictional war in my head

There I was, running in the desert towards our military base. There were enemy soldiers pursuing me.

At one point, there was an abandoned yellow bus which I momentarily took refuge behind. Inside were a bunch of Dunkin Donuts coffee bags. I was almost out of coffee grounds, so I gathered as much I could fit in my Jack Pack, then we bolted out.

The coffee grinds were my ammo. I fired them out of my AeroPress and they exploded upon impact. I basically had a handheld mortar.

While I was running, I could distinctively remember thinking, “What kind of lame weapon is this?

An enemy soldier got in front of us and tried to shoot, but his rifle jammed. I quickly fired my AeroPress and blew him up to smithereens.

Then, I woke up. It was 5:26am this morning. I immediately emailed myself the following:

Dream last night: involvement fighting in some war in the Middle East. Weapon of choice? AeroPress.

Go ahead and laugh. 🙂

AeroPress – the only way to make great coffee

I’m on a break at work. I need coffee, and I’m not going to walk to Starbucks. Our kitchen has brewed coffee, so I’ll try it.

Ugh! Bitter!

My AeroPress is still rocking since I bought it almost two months ago! Have you read my Aeropress review? It’s worth buying! I rarely go to Starbucks anymore, except to buy more coffee beans.

My new AeroPress Coffee Maker
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