He's come a long way

Portrait of Bill Ritter

Bill Ritter, guitarist and mastermind of The Scarlet Paradigm, and his own side project, William Alden Music. My title for the photo describes Bill as a budding audio engineer.

Caption: Bill recorded some drum tracks from James in the garage. I took this while they were listening to it. (May 24, 2009)

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Bill will record one song for you, pro bono

Bill — friend and guitarist of our band, The Scarlet Paradigm — wants to improve his recording skills. He sent this status update on Facebook a few days ago:

If you or your friends are musicians, spread the word that I will record one of their songs for [free]!

How good can it sound? Listen to some of our songs on Myspace.

Interested? Email him — bill [at] thescarletparadigm.com

The new band

The new band
Photo by Danita Clark, post processing by Bryan Villarin

We wanted some serious photos of our band[1. For our website, Myspace, PureVolume, etc.], so Danita Clark was nice enough to drive out here and go to work[2. I did the same for her back in September, so she owed me. It was our deal since we’re both broke.]. To make things easier, she used my camera so I could process them myself.

Thanks Danita!

I would link to her, but she doesn’t have a website yet. Also, we won’t say our band name until we have at least one demo song uploaded.

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