My birthday of 2017

I’m a year older, and I had a mellow, enjoyable birthday.

I booked a 60-minute session1 for an isolation tank at Just Float. In each room, they now include a foam ring to support your head2, which helped me relax for almost the whole time.

Afterwards, I met Amy in the waiting room, then we walked to Conrad’s for brunch.

Back at home, I took a short nap, watched Pulp Fiction3, and played Super Mario Kart against Amy.

Amy also cooked an early dinner for us. I think it’s called a Spicy Buddha Bowl. 😋

For dessert, we went to Fosselman’s Ice Cream (also my first time). I went with a mocha almond fudge shake. It was tasty!

Our last stop was at Sprouts for some groceries, before requesting a Lyft driver to take us home.

Thanks for the nice time, Amy! ❤️

  1. Thanks to Nico for letting me get started early! He gave me about ten more minutes in the room because I arrived early, and was one of the first sessions of the day. 
  2. Last year, I went to Just Float for my first time. They didn’t have a foam ring, and my neck was sore. I also had to treat the water in my ears. Overall, I still enjoyed the experience. 
  3. It’s expiring on Netflix. I’ve seen it before. 

Birthday fun around Joshua Tree

My wife, Amy, planned some fun stuff in and around Joshua Tree. We arrived at Noah Purifoy’s Outdoor Desert Art Museum in Joshua Tree after sunset to take some photos. After much shivering, we went to a cozy camper (found through Airbnb).

We returned to the Outdoor Desert Art Museum at sunrise, which was the first time I woke up before sunrise for the purpose of taking photos. Since it was below 40°F (4°C), my DSLR camera battery almost died, and we returned to the camper to recharge.

After grabbing a quick breakfast, the Integratron was next. We got the last tickets for the 11:30 time slot, and relaxed for an hour or so before “adult nap time”. The sound bath was fantastic! Highly recommended, and I’d love to revisit again.

Last, we saw Giant Rock in the middle of nowhere. It was an incredible trek. On the way out, we initially went in a circle. Amy drove us through what felt like an ATV course—and made it with my 2003 Corolla!

Navigating with GPS on a phone with a low cell signal caused the Waze connection to keep dropping, then recalibrate. I think a dedicated GPS device would be best.

Thank you so much, Amy. I had a blast, and look forward to another return really soon!

Awesome gifts from my wife

For Christmas and my birthday, my wife bought me tickets to a Finch concert, who is reuniting for the 10–year anniversary of their album “What It Is To Burn”. (Their site is using WordPress and Twenty Eleven. Excellent!)

Amy knows I can impersonate an exaggeration of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice, so…the shirt.

Lastly, I’ve mentioned the Pinky and the Brain DVD set many times, so she took the hint and bought it for me.

Not pictured is a gift certificate for a 90–minute reflexology massage at Heart & Sole Reflexology. The massage was very relaxing.

Thank you so much, Amy!