Close portrait with an iPhone? Try a panorama!

While enjoying breakfast at Peach Cafe with Amy and my mother–in–law, Amy wanted a photo in front of the large heart artwork on the wall.

But, a few problems:

  1. I was four feet away from the artwork. How could I get it and them in the frame?
  2. The restaurant was full, so I wasn’t going to stand up and take a few steps back.
  3. I only had my iPhone, not a DSLR with a wide angle lens.

Solution: Use the panorama feature in iOS 6!

If you haven’t used it in the default Camera app:

  1. Tap Options at the top.
  2. Tap Panorama.

With my iPhone in landscape mode, I tapped the arrow so I’d start taking the photo at the bottom, then asked them to sit still for a few seconds before I pressed the shutter button and panned up.

Note: You don’t need to get to the very end of the “route” when panning to capture the panorama. Just press the shutter after you’ve captured everything you need.

I started the panorama at the bottom of the frame to minimize any movement from them in the final image.

When I processed the photo in Lightroom, another bonus was that the aspect ratio was super close to 3:2. This means we can print a 4“ x 6” photo with minimal cropping.

Most importantly, they loved it! 🙂

P.S. Props to Ryan Brenizer for the idea, which he uses regularly with the Brenizer Method, who was just named American Photo’s Top 10 World’s Best Wedding Photographers for 2013. Congrats!