Someone bit me (not the pumpkin)

I’m a zombie! Thanks to my lovely wife, Amy, for this awesome makeup job after watching several makeup videos. It consisted of glue, bathroom tissue (a.k.a. toilet paper), fake black grease, and fake blood. Time to apply: about 25 minutes, including pointing a blow dryer (warm, not hot) to my face for ten minutes.

This was also her first time applying this kind of makeup. How cool is that?

A day with Francis

Yesterday, I stayed at my girlfriend’s apartment to wait for SoCalGas to light the pilot for her stove, oven and heater. Fortunately, Francis kept me company.

My girlfriend insists that I’m his favorite person, and it’s tough to argue with that. Most of the time, Francis wants to lay on top of me.

The downside: I can only read from my smartphone or Kindle. If I’m reading a textbook or using my laptop, he tries to run the edges with his face. But, how can I get mad? Look at that face! He’s so precious.

Thanks for the WordPress shirt, @photomatt!

A couple weeks/months ago, @photomatt included text on his contact form, stating that he’d send a shirt if you sent him your shirt size and mailing address. Last Friday, I got it! (I’m not alone. Jayvie got one, too.)

The main gift was the shirt, which is clutch because my black WordPress shirt is getting worn out.

Apparently, I’m also one of the three most important people in WordPress. 🙂

Certificate transcription:

This certificate entitles the holder to a lifetime supply of free WordPresses, to be used at their discretion for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, & the four Freedoms of the GPL.

Signed, Matt Mullenweg.

Thanks to my pal, Taylor, for taking my photo. I told him how to compose it.

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Cup of coffee and a lens hood, please

Bryan and the DIY lens hood

Need a lens hood for your inexpensive 50mm f/1.8? Try using the paper sleeve from your cup of coffee or espresso!

For the Canon lens, it’s barely large enough to sit on the rotating part of the lens. You’d need to unravel it so its diameter is wide enough, then tape it.

If you don’t mind looking slightly foolish, it’s better than nothing!

Credit goes to Silas Perez for the idea and photo of me — we were hanging out at Starbucks the other day.

The new band

The new band
Photo by Danita Clark, post processing by Bryan Villarin

We wanted some serious photos of our band[1. For our website, Myspace, PureVolume, etc.], so Danita Clark was nice enough to drive out here and go to work[2. I did the same for her back in September, so she owed me. It was our deal since we’re both broke.]. To make things easier, she used my camera so I could process them myself.

Thanks Danita!

I would link to her, but she doesn’t have a website yet. Also, we won’t say our band name until we have at least one demo song uploaded.

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Someone's being owned

Someone's being owned

I took out several people at poker night [a few weeks ago]. Taylor was the only one left.

Before we continued, I asked him if he’d hold still for a couple seconds.

I ended up taking his 10 chips (shown above). Then, he bought back in for another 50 chips[1. Each chip is worth $0.10. C’mon, we’re struggling students.] hoping for a comeback.

He failed. 🙂

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