Happy Caturday with Monica (and The Matrix Reloaded)

Slept right through The Matrix Revolutions. Unbelievable. 😉

Yesterday, I rewatched The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded, inspired after I read an answer on Quora from Jayesh Lalwani: “In The Matrix Reloaded, who is The Architect and what’s he talking about?” Worth reading. (Hat tip: Matt Mazur.)

Watching Rx Bandits live in Philadelphia

Steve Choi tweeted earlier today:

That led to: 

Despite intermittent streaming issues, I’m still really stoked to watch them again!

Ramming speed


Our tabby cat, Monica, was trying to get into the bedroom through a door that was slightly open. (Thick carpet, so it’s difficult to move the door.)

She kept pushing her head through the door opening. Arms flailing. Pondering.

Finally, she shoved her way through like a battering ram.

It was like watching a butterfly break out of its cocoon.

The second time was less eventful. I would reference a clip from The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. In scenes where the, um, young protagonists (heroes) would morph into Power Rangers, the shot has them jumping from an invisible platform and onto the ground.

With enthusiasm.